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Solar Panel Installation

The team at Les Enterprises Pierre Charlebois Inc. now offers solar panel installation in your home. Already popular in Ontario and Vermont, solar panels are an efficient and economic alternative to conventional energy sources. Solar energy is a source of renewable energy that offers significant savings on heat and electricity costs, while also contributing to the preservation of the environment. Enjoy savings on your electricity bill while taking part in sustainable development!

A team of experts in solar panel installation

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of solar energy, it is important to have your solar panels professionally installed. Our installation technicians are experienced and trained to ensure you get the most solar energy possible. As well as solar panel installation, our team can implement heat recovery ventilators. These will allow you to conserve even more energy and, thereby, reduce your electricity or gas costs even further. Trust the experts in solar panel installation: Les Enterprises Pierre Charlebois Inc.

Also, installing solar panels in your home will increase the value of your property. Our qualified team will come to your home to install the solar panels quickly and efficiently. They can install the solar energy equipment directly on your roof or in your yard, on a concrete base. Don’t let just anyone install your solar panels; trust the professionals, Les Enterprises Pierre Charlebois Inc.

Important financial advantages

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to save on your overall electricity or gas bill. Because solar energy is both clean and renewable, you will be contributing to sustainable development while reducing your own personal costs. Government subsidies, of up to 20%, have been implemented as an additional incentive to install solar panels in your home. Also, most energy recovery products are guaranteed for 25 years. Save energy and money by having solar panels installed by the experts at Les Enterprises Pierre Charlebois Inc.!

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